Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What is in my carry-on? | Pinup Abroad!

Hi Darlings,

As I write this, I am currently preparing for my holiday abroad to Cyprus for two weeks! To say I am excited is an understatement!!! I have not been to Cyprus for many years but it will be lovely to see the country where I am from and maybe even visit a few historical sites.

Therefore, while I appreciate it will likely be very hot, I am not prepared to sacrifice my personal style, especially as I have many summer dresses just waiting to be twirled around in! However, I will be documenting what I will be taking in my carry-on bag.

As anyone who has been on a plane recently knows, you are normally allowed one bag and one handbag. However, on this particular airline, you are only allowed one bag weighing up to 5kg. Although I am pretty sure they don't check, I am a nervous traveller already and thus my rebellious/caution to the wind side will be, pardon the pun, in check.

Carry-on bags are difficult to pack, because, as they offer extra bag room, they cannot be too heavy for fear of damaging ones shoulders before the holiday even begins! I am fortunate this year, as I am flying overnight both there and back, so I will probably spend the flight reading or sleeping. I have never been one for watching shows on planes, as I tend to get headaches so staring at a screen for five hours is a horrible idea!

This year my carry-on will be quite simple as I have learnt over the years, you do not need half the shit that gets packed so don't bother with it!

This is an overview as to what I will be carrying in my carry on! First and foremost are the two of six books I intend to read this holiday. The first is the final in A Court of Throne and Roses trilogy, A Court of Wings and Ruin; a brilliant book series and if you are a fan of the fantasy, rewritten fairytales, I cannot recommend enough!  The second is Anna Karenina, a mammoth read no doubt, but it has been sat on my TBR long enough!!

I also always bring a scrunchie to tie my hair up, when it inevitably irritates me. Then onto cosmetics; as I mentioned, I am flying overnight so I am not bothered about wearing a full face or even carrying it with me. Thus I will only be taking a small pot of moisturiser, a Burts Bees lipbalm and a Library of Fragrance Perfume to *ahem* freshen up after a long flight. A spare lens case is a must for any contact lense wearer, as aeroplanes and contact lenses do not mix well let me assure you!

Purse and passport are an absolute must, as are headphones, for the antisocial traveller, like myself, who likes to curl up with her book and music blasting throughout the journey. I used to have noise cancelling headphones, but found that on flights, these became too intense, so now I stick the apple earphones.  My purse is this wonderfully patterned embroided jobby that I found in a charity shop and has for now, replaced mt glitter Skinnydip purse.
I always find it is best to carry both english and foreign currency, as sometimes buying food on flights or in the airport, they prefer one or the other. Obviously, anything you don't need in your purse, don't bring! Unnecessary items add bulk and stress if lost; as much as I love my tesco clubcard, I won't be needing it abroad!

This is all I will be packing in my carry on bag, which is a large green Cath Kidston tote! I cannot recommend it enough, but any large carry on will suffice. Go bigger, as they can be squished under your seat, but obviously don't pack your house and the kitchen sink. Check for the important things before you leave: passport, boarding pass and money and have a fabulous flight!

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