Friday, 25 August 2017

Lindybop Bernice Paris Border || Review

Hi Darlings,

I am back!! I have just arrived home from Cyprus and my Summer holiday (and very limited wifi!!!) Cyprus has temperatures of 34 degrees+ in the summertime and thus clothing has to be light. If you read my Summer wishlist post, you will see that I mentioned this dress as one I was lusting after. I originally bought this dress for my graduation and pipped for an 18, as I know Lindybop tends to run small...and well I have boobs. The Bernice Paris border dress is a lovely cornflower blue cotton, with a fitted bodice and flared fifties skirt. It has a white cloud print all over and then the main focal point is the hem which has a skyline print of Paris. I fell utterly in love with this dress as soon as I saw it on the Lindybop website and when opportunity arose, I snapped it up! (Annoyingly it went on sale the week after, but sods law I suppose).


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What is in my carry-on? | Pinup Abroad!

Hi Darlings,

As I write this, I am currently preparing for my holiday abroad to Cyprus for two weeks! To say I am excited is an understatement!!! I have not been to Cyprus for many years but it will be lovely to see the country where I am from and maybe even visit a few historical sites.

Therefore, while I appreciate it will likely be very hot, I am not prepared to sacrifice my personal style, especially as I have many summer dresses just waiting to be twirled around in! However, I will be documenting what I will be taking in my carry-on bag.

As anyone who has been on a plane recently knows, you are normally allowed one bag and one handbag. However, on this particular airline, you are only allowed one bag weighing up to 5kg. Although I am pretty sure they don't check, I am a nervous traveller already and thus my rebellious/caution to the wind side will be, pardon the pun, in check.

Carry-on bags are difficult to pack, because, as they offer extra bag room, they cannot be too heavy for fear of damaging ones shoulders before the holiday even begins! I am fortunate this year, as I am flying overnight both there and back, so I will probably spend the flight reading or sleeping. I have never been one for watching shows on planes, as I tend to get headaches so staring at a screen for five hours is a horrible idea!

This year my carry-on will be quite simple as I have learnt over the years, you do not need half the shit that gets packed so don't bother with it!


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Lush Bath Melts | Review

Hi Darlings,

I must apologise for my absence, as anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I have been feeling a bit eh about the whole blogging malarkey. It took me stepping away from my computer and with the help of a few very good friends, I was reminded why I blogged and why I enjoyed it!

Today's post is another review! I love doing reviews, as I always check them out before buying new products, going on holiday, going to a restaurant etc; so perhaps my reviews will help you savvy shoppers out there!

Recently, or I think they're recent (I could just be very late to the party) Lush released a line of Bath Melts! Now as someone who has a 'treat yo self' attitude with baths, in that I don't often have a bath but when I do, I make sure they are as luxurious as can be! Bath melts, bath bombs, bubble bars, anything that takes my bath from meh to marvellous!

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