Tuesday, 19 September 2017

An Evening with Taste | Beauty and the Beast Dinner

Hello Darlings,

As I have started working full time now, my weekends are sacred. However, I always get antsy if I haven't made plans, and although this morning I am on the brink of exhaustion it is for good reason. Last weekend I had the delight of attending a themed dinner, themed on Beauty and the Beast with a company called Taste films.

The story of Taste films emerges from three questions:

"Have you ever watched a film that made you hungry? Have you ever wished to be part of the filmic world you are seeing on screen? Been so immersed in what you are watching that you want to experience every aspect of the film?"


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Super Easy Quick Pinup Everyday Waves

Hi Darlings!

So I have something to admit...while I love pinup and gothabilly fashion, I cannot do pinup hair for shit! Furthermore, the only thing I can do, which is a pin curl set takes literally two hours and....I like sleep/I'm so fucking lazy hahahahaha! *maniacal laughter* However, on one of my swish swishes through Instagram, I came across one of my favourite bloggers Modern June Cleaver and her quick pinup waves. When I say I was enlightened, I am not joking! She had taken inspiration from Vintage Vandal (another total girl crush) and followed this tutorial, which I did watch but once you get the hang of it, this look is very easy!

Now I have very thick dark brown hair that currently falls just above my boobies, (I will get my long swishy hair back!!) so ideally this would work on hair that is slightly longer than mine. Having said that, it would also look killer on short hair and really embody that 1920s flapper look! If you want to know how to achieve this super easy, but it looks like you made a load of effort 'do! Then read on....


Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Lust List | Psychobilly/Gothabilly Style

Hi Darlings,

Autumn is well and truly here, we have had quite a few cooler days, rainy nights and chilly winds so in my mind, Autumn has well and truly arrived. A few months ago, I decided to put aside my black clothing and pip for a florals and bright colours for summer. However, Summer is over and thus I am ready to revive my gothabilly and psychobilly style for Autumn. Gothabilly and Psychobilly style is similar to rockabilly and pinup but with a gothic edge.

It is in essence, my style to a T!! While, for summer, I do like the odd floral here and there, my penchant for spookiness and victorian decadence always brings me back to my gothabilly roots. So whack on your black flicks and dark red lips and let's delve deeper into this style!

I have decided to kick off Autumn by doing some 'Lust Lists!' These will be a fun selection of accessories and clothing that are sat on my to-buy list (although now I have a job, my money will all be gone!)

First up is bags! The easiest way to start incorporating psychobilly/gothabilly style is accessories! That means investing in some feminine, slightly gothic handbags, shoes, hair accessories etc! Above are a few of my favourites from Attitude Clothing Co (a website I regularly lust over) and all of these bags are under 50 pounds. The first one is a very snazzy, more retro looking bag, in a classically gothabilly striped pattern. The next one is my personal favourite, a book clutch bag, but the bag has a classic Lucifer sigil, yknow that ever so slightly satanic symbol. Third across is the funko cat bag, after all why have a cat bag when you can have a satanic cat shoulder bag! An ideal Halloween, gothabilly bag, and cats!! Finally is one that I wouldn't say is gothabilly, but it's certainly kitsch and has a vibe of 50s pastel goth. This adorable seashell bag is the ultimate ariel accessory for all you landlocked mermaids out there!

Next up we have shoes! Now I am a self-confessed shoe-aholic so I am always on the lookout for quirky slightly vintage shoe styles. I know with gothic shoes, they tend to be clunkier; if like me you lean towards more of a vintage aesthetic then never fear, I am here with suggestions! Vintage style shoes are hard to find on the cheap, so a lace up brogue or heel in black or brown is an utter staple! If like me you have a flair for the dark and dramatic, then step away from the black suedette and let's talk!
Here is a selection of a few shoes that are perfect for you psychobilly, or gothabilly girls out there; and just look at them! Are they not wonderful?! Shoes, glorious shoes! The flats are the far left are just a classic ballet flat but with a glorious bat applique at the front, which instantly makes them better! Why have just black, when you can have bat? Next up are some moon studded ankle boots. When boring black ankle boots get you down, whack some metal moons on them and boom witchy realness! The calf length boots with butterflies are literally the boots of my wet dreams. I am so tempted by this style and honestly, they may be joining my winter wardrobe! Lastly, are the slightly LITA-esque boots. This is a very classic gothabilly look and although ridiculous heel height, not that hard to walk in due to the platform at the front! 

This is just the first of many Lust List's coming up, and as we draw closer to Halloween, I will be exploring more gothabilly and psychobilly style! Let me know if you see any favourites in this list or indeed if you have your own alternate style!

Until next time

Sunday, 3 September 2017

An ode to my bingo wings and thunder thighs

Hi darlings,

It is September 2nd and thus in my opinion, the end of summer. While it is still stupidly humid outside in London, I am more than happy to put away my shorts and t-shirts and revert to my all black halloween aesthetic. Before I do however, I want to talk about summer, and what it's like as a curvier girl during the hotter months. When I was younger, wearing shorts would provoke this feeling of nausea and anxiety, because after all, fat girls couldn't wear shorts...could they? I had memories of wearing a pair of shorts and going cycling; on the way back, I remember a couple staring at me and laughing. I felt humiliated and wanted to curl in a ball and cry, I utterly loathed having to show my body off and thought I was the ugliest hippo going.


Friday, 25 August 2017

Lindybop Bernice Paris Border || Review

Hi Darlings,

I am back!! I have just arrived home from Cyprus and my Summer holiday (and very limited wifi!!!) Cyprus has temperatures of 34 degrees+ in the summertime and thus clothing has to be light. If you read my Summer wishlist post, you will see that I mentioned this dress as one I was lusting after. I originally bought this dress for my graduation and pipped for an 18, as I know Lindybop tends to run small...and well I have boobs. The Bernice Paris border dress is a lovely cornflower blue cotton, with a fitted bodice and flared fifties skirt. It has a white cloud print all over and then the main focal point is the hem which has a skyline print of Paris. I fell utterly in love with this dress as soon as I saw it on the Lindybop website and when opportunity arose, I snapped it up! (Annoyingly it went on sale the week after, but sods law I suppose).


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What is in my carry-on? | Pinup Abroad!

Hi Darlings,

As I write this, I am currently preparing for my holiday abroad to Cyprus for two weeks! To say I am excited is an understatement!!! I have not been to Cyprus for many years but it will be lovely to see the country where I am from and maybe even visit a few historical sites.

Therefore, while I appreciate it will likely be very hot, I am not prepared to sacrifice my personal style, especially as I have many summer dresses just waiting to be twirled around in! However, I will be documenting what I will be taking in my carry-on bag.

As anyone who has been on a plane recently knows, you are normally allowed one bag and one handbag. However, on this particular airline, you are only allowed one bag weighing up to 5kg. Although I am pretty sure they don't check, I am a nervous traveller already and thus my rebellious/caution to the wind side will be, pardon the pun, in check.

Carry-on bags are difficult to pack, because, as they offer extra bag room, they cannot be too heavy for fear of damaging ones shoulders before the holiday even begins! I am fortunate this year, as I am flying overnight both there and back, so I will probably spend the flight reading or sleeping. I have never been one for watching shows on planes, as I tend to get headaches so staring at a screen for five hours is a horrible idea!

This year my carry-on will be quite simple as I have learnt over the years, you do not need half the shit that gets packed so don't bother with it!


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Lush Bath Melts | Review

Hi Darlings,

I must apologise for my absence, as anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I have been feeling a bit eh about the whole blogging malarkey. It took me stepping away from my computer and with the help of a few very good friends, I was reminded why I blogged and why I enjoyed it!

Today's post is another review! I love doing reviews, as I always check them out before buying new products, going on holiday, going to a restaurant etc; so perhaps my reviews will help you savvy shoppers out there!

Recently, or I think they're recent (I could just be very late to the party) Lush released a line of Bath Melts! Now as someone who has a 'treat yo self' attitude with baths, in that I don't often have a bath but when I do, I make sure they are as luxurious as can be! Bath melts, bath bombs, bubble bars, anything that takes my bath from meh to marvellous!

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